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Since 1990, Courthouse News Service© has been a trusted resource for capturing and reporting case data across the United States and around the globe. Our news delivery platform, CasePortal, provides attorneys with comprehensive coverage, daily reporting, and fast alerts.

Lawyers from over 4,400 law firms and in-house counsel teams use CasePortal to stay briefed

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From full text search of complaints and opinions, to email and SMS alerts for cases you’re tracking, CasePortal’s friendly features help lawyers and research support teams to quickly find relevant cases, and to stay informed about new filings and rulings that could impact your clients.


3,000+ federal and state courts

Quit bouncing between multiple services while you’re trying to research. When you use CasePortal, you can find cases from thousands of federal, state, and international courts at once.


A search engine that supports both simple and advanced research 

CasePortal’s deceptively simple search tool makes it easy to find cases using plain language or build highly targeted advanced search queries in seconds. You can even search the text of filed documents and opinions!


Save time with our crafted case summaries

When you’re mining thousands of records, you don’t have time to look at every case detail. With CasePortal, case summaries display in the search results, making it easier and faster to scan large data sets and filter out irrelevant matches.  


Get notified fast about new cases and updates to existing cases

Only CasePortal offers Dingers and Trackers. Save your search parameters with one-click and let us notify you as soon as new matching cases are filed, or alert you to docket sheet updates and subsequent filings on cases you’re following.


Dockets sheets and document downloads direct to your mobile phone

You won’t always be at your desk when alerts come in. CasePortal boasts mobile-friendly docket sheets so you can check case details on the go and even download complaints and opinions with your phone.


Create custom workflows with apps you already use

Imagine getting a notification in Microsoft Teams or Jabber whenever your client has been named as a party in a lawsuit. How about getting an Excel spreadsheet automatically populated with new cases from courts you care about?

CasePortal’s REST API makes it possible to automate manual tasks, and easily combine data from multiple sources. Ask your IT team to check out our developer documentation. 

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